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WinJobber is a wonderful tool to help recruit qualified personnel and if you are looking for a job, this application is a place where your professional experience and your skills will be sold at their fair value.


Awesome App
for Jobseekers

Stay home and find a job

You can find the job of your dreams by staying at home. This application will match your profile with any recruitment campaign matching your skills.

Create and keep your CV up to date

You can easily create your resume on the app and keep it up to date. Emphasize your skills and professional experience.

Save time in your research

With our app let the recruiter come to you and focus on improving your profile.

Access your account on any device

Our application is available on all devices to allow you to access your account at all times.

Wonderful recruitment management tool.

Winjobber is an application that helps you find the right professional for your team. It also allows you to manage your various recruitment campaigns.

  • Create your campaign
  • Thanks to algorithms, we look for the professional who best matches your research.
  • Select among the different profiles offered those that suit you taking into account the compatibility rate.
  • Organize and manage your interviews

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Recruiters, get start with app for free (2 months)

Download the app and start building your team. You get three free when you register.After the three free months, benefit from the lowest subscription rates.



  • 1 month
  • $10 per month
  • Illimited campaign
  • Unlimited Support



  • 6 months
  • $9 per month
  • Illimited campaign
  • Unlimited Support



  • 1 Year
  • $5 per month
  • Illimited campaign
  • Unlimited Support

What Questions Do Our Customers Ask Most Often?

Frequently Asked Questions

When you register, we ask for your personal and professional information. You must also provide us information related to your location and also a profile picture.
It all depends on your profile. If you are a professional looking for a job, the application allows you to upload your CV but if you are a recruiter, the application allows you to manage your different recruitment campaigns.
When you uninstall the application. Your divice's memory is automatically released. We do not store any data on the device where the application is installed.
We would like to point out that it is not compulsory to install the application and you can uninstall it when you want.

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